Sensors for Cannabis Drying

Meet Growvera ZONE: Sensors for Cannabis Drying

Revolutionize your cannabis operation with data-driven drying decisions.

Growing good cannabis isn’t enough if you lose your hard work in the dry. The drying process brings immense risks that warrant exhaustive attention. Mold, reduced yield, and loss of aromatic and flavor qualities can ruin your product and destroy your profits. Good cannabis becomes great through drying done right.

Enter Growvera ZONE. Through the remote measurement of moisture via our exclusive on-plant sensors, ZONE offers actionable drying insights to help you understand your dries like never before. Don’t let your cannabis fall short at the finish line. Connect with Growvera today to discuss how ZONE can optimize your operation and help you ensure your cannabis is a cut above the rest.

The next evolution of cannabis drying technology

We outfit your operation with our sensors to address the most common dry room pitfalls

Multi-location measurements

It’s difficult to accurately represent the average moisture content of an entire drying operation via just a few stem snaps. Growvera’s sensors are attached to drying product at various locations in your dry room, allowing a comprehensive understanding of the state your dry room in a snap.

Non-destructive, continuous data points

Single-point measurements at the end of a dry bring the risk of reduced profit and product quality should you miss your moisture target. Growvera stops the drying guessing game via real-time measurements throughout your dry, enabling you to seamlessly estimate moisture content from start to finish.

Remote monitoring

Hit your target moisture content from the comfort of your home or office. We outfit your operation with our wireless sensor technology, allowing you to continuously and non-destructively measure remaining moisture content of your drying product without ever having to enter your dry room or touch your cannabis during the dry.

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Pro-active Alerting

With real-time monitoring comes real-time alerts. Growvera sensors help to create a comprehensive understanding of dry room conditions, allowing you to discover and address dry room concerns before they become catastrophes.

Drying Data In the Palm of Your Hand

Remote, real-time monitoring of your dry room from your desktop or phone.

Benefits of ZONE

Orange Growvera on-plant sensor attached to cannabis stem
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Improved product quality

  • Increase yield via water weight optimization
  • Avoid mold/mildew
  • Preserve terpenes
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Improved product consistency

  • Control moisture content
  • Track strain variation
  • Reduce dry room variability
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Improved operational efficiencies

  • Improve operational scalability
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Reduce personnel activity in dry room

Growvera ZONE has enabled new levels of precision and reliability in my drying rooms. There’s no more uncertainty about when to pull my product for the best quality and yield. Being able to continuously and remotely monitor my product has not only helped me easily achieve my target moisture levels, but it’s also saved me the time, money, and headaches usually associated with drying.

Myself and the entire team at Manzano Partners could not be more satisfied with the technology that has been delivered. It is easy to set up and use. We have seen exponential return in productivity for our cultivators and peace of mind for our owners; knowing that we get the right product at the right time to maximize our end consumer experience.

Jake Henson

Director Of Operations, Manzano Partners LLC

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