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Moisture Matters | Interactive Calculator

Feb 2, 2024 | Cheat Sheets, News & Articles

This calculator illustrates the relationship between moisture and revenue.

A Delicate Balance💧

The moisture content of cannabis flower presents a critical trade-off: while higher moisture increases the plant’s weight and potentially its market value, it also risks compromising quality and safety. Cultivators aim to strike the perfect moisture balance to prevent mold, maximize earnings, and maintain a potent, aromatic, and enjoyable product. Consistently achieving this balance, particularly at a large scale, poses a significant challenge.

Interactive Calculator 🧮

How to use the calculator
Use the sliders to enter:
  1. Harvest wet weight in pounds
  2. Flower market price per pound
  3. Moisture content of cured flower. For most, this is 7-9%.

The calculator gives you an estimated weight of your flower at sale and a revenue prediction for each harvest. It shows how your earnings can vary with the moisture level of the flower when sold. This estimate is cautious, assuming the flower is 75% moist at harvest and factors in the removal of unsellable parts after drying.

Example 🌿

Let’s take a look at an example 1000 pound harvest with the calculator. A cultivator sells the final product at 9% moisture for $950 per pound.

If the cultivator was able to maintain a final moisture of 13%, they would see a $9,000 revenue increase per harvest, and because the cultivator avoided over-drying they improved the quality of their product.

On the other hand, that same harvest dried and sold at 7% moisture instead of 13% results in over $13,000 in lost revenue. In addition, the low moisture content reduces quality and can create processing problems.


Here’s what cultivators stand to gain by knowing and optimizing their moisture content

  1. Money in the bank: Higher flower weights mean more revenue
  2. Consistent revenue: Hitting the same moisture content creates predictable yields
  3. Stable terpene profiles: Great smokability means happy customers
  4. No fear of mold: 13% Moisture is still too low for mold growth
  5. Reduced losses in processing: Overdried flower is hard to process
  6. Reduced costs: Avoid retesting and remediation costs

ZONE: Your Guide to Drying Cannabis 🌟

ZONE Cannabis Drying Sensors help cultivators achieve consistent cannabis drying at scale. ZONE sensors provide real-time, continuous, and non-destructive monitoring of moisture content and environmental conditions during drying. Cultivators using ZONE sensors can maintain precise control over the environment and hit their target moisture content. Consistent product out of the drying room ensures a reliable smoking experience for customers.

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