Plant Water Status Sensors for Research

Meet the Multi-PIP (Plant Impedance Probe) Base Unit

The most efficient and effective way to measure plant water status

Our on-plant sensors allow you to instantly measure plant water status. No more water pressure chambers, no more “pre-dawns”, no more invasive plant measurement practices.

It’s the newest revolution in plant health monitoring, helping you to measure plant water status with confidence and ease like never before.

Discover the Difference

No other method of measuring plant water status is as efficient and effective as the Multi-PIP

Get data in minutes, not hours

Other methods of measuring plant water status involve significant time and effort for set-up, unit maintenance, and data collection. With Growvera sensors, you go from unboxing to insights within minutes.

Real-time, continuous monitoring

Say goodnight to pre-dawns. Growvera sensors gather continuous data for your plants, so you can sleep in. Our base units have durable, water-resistant aluminum enclosures, allowing you to easily collect data from any plant in any place.

Easy-to-use, non-invasive sensors

Our non-invasive, non-destructive sensors can be easily attached to plants without any clipping or snipping. Better yet, our versatile clamps and sensor tips can be tailored to fit any plant research needs, fitting on stems, petioles, fruits, and more.

Measure 8 points at once

Whether you want to monitor water status at multiple points on a single plant, across several plants, or in soil, our sensors offer the ability to collect data from 8 measurement points simultaneously, giving you complete insight into the water status of your plants.

16 Configurable Ports

Allowing for connections of 8 Growvera probes collecting continuous data

Water Resistant Case

Made from durable aluminum, protecting your data rain or shine

Easy-to-Use Interface

With a high-contrast OLED display, offering visibility in any weather conditions

USB Connection

Seamlessly connects to Growvera software suite, allowing for quick data analysis

Side view of the MicroCeres Multi-PIP

Type of Sensors Available

Our sensor and clamp options can accommodate plant water status measurements on any plant!

  • We have an array of existing clamps, sensor tips, and cabling options that can tailor a solution to fit your needs:
  • Dynamic alteration of sensor pair recording for installed sensor tips
    • Existing clip styles
    • Existing sensor tips
    • We can also make custom designs

Ready to measure and monitor your plants like never before?